A sump pump can be one of the most important devices in your home. What are the possibilities when it stops working during a major storm or flood? It is the only thing separating you from a productive day or relaxing evening and days of cleanup and possibly a very expensive remodel of your finished basement.

Let’s not forget the costs of replacing the mechanical equipment that could be damaged. Hopefully you have taken precautions against such problems by replacing your sump pump after a reasonable amount of time. If not, you could find yourself in quite a predicament as that basement starts to fill up.

A good idea would be to have a backup sump pump. In an emergency situation call us at MPT Plumbing?

If you have not planned ahead and don’t have a replacement, in most cases you can purchase one from us and we can install it during that emergency. At MTP Plumbing. we anticipate major storms and realize that during these times even the biggest stores do run out. We have made it a priority to have a number of replacement sump pumps in stock at all times. Please don’t hesitate to call us when your pump has failed during a flood emergency.