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Every homeowner needs to know certain things about their house to possibly mitigate major issues from happening, or better yet, if it did happen to stop major damage. ?Here are a few things to know about your place of residency.

  1. Main water shutoff – This one will help you if a major issue like a pipe burst can help you stop major damage or at least stop it from continuing for a longer time than needed. ?If you here water or see water pouring anywhere, you need to run to get this turned off immediately. ?Then call a plumber to find out what went wrong. ?Remember, some people have this outside or if you live in an apartment, you may not even have access.
  2. Know where pipes behind wall are – ?I know, I know, this sounds stupid, but what I am saying here is when you are hanging something up on a wall and you take a long nail and blindly put it into the wall, you will most likely puncture something. ?This could cause a slow drip, or even explode if pressure builds up in the future.
  3. Know what is flushable – nothing other than toilet paper should go down the drain, but we know people or kids especially will throw other things down there. ?Educate your family or a clog will happen.
  4. Garbage down the drain – Everybody thinks that you can throw anything down the drain because you have a garbage disposal, but that is not true. ?Look at the manual first to see what it can or can’t take, but do not ever put starchy foods, bacon grease, vegetable peelings or most food down there because it can clog up pipes nicely. ?It should be used for just maybe a few things left on plates.
  5. Don’t ignore leaks – A slight drip of a faucet or toilet may not seem like much, but you are literally throwing money down the drain, and you should know that this is not good based on the above tips. ?A leaky faucet can waste 8 gallons of water a day and a toilet can waste 200 gallons a day. I personally had this issue with a toilet and we have Smart meters in our house, which alerted me that I had an issue before I even knew it. ?Hope your city offers that too. ?They saw the increase in water usage.

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