At MPT Plumbing we know that its easy to take the proper operation of toilets for granted. There are several unnoticeable circumstances that may arise with your toilet. Toilets can run (causing large water bills), tank to bowls gaskets can leak, supplies can rupture and the seal from the bowl to the discharge pipe can separate without you realizing it.

Please watch for water on the floor around the bowl and stains on the ceiling directly below the toilet in question. Always be suspicious of a loose toilet that moves and isn?t securely fastened to the floor. A dysfunctional toilet is not something you want to let slide for obvious reasons. We offer the following toilet services and more:

  • Clearing of blocked toilets
  • Loose or leaking Toilet solutions
  • Toilet repairs and replacements
  • Toilet flange replacement
  • Complete new toilet installation
  • Toilet supply line replacement