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A sump pump is used to prevent basement flooding and damage to the foundation of your property. When water enters your lower level, the sump pump will pull it away from the structure of your home and filter it into the wastewater system. Sump pumps are crucial to every building, especially in areas with snow and rain. To have a better understanding on the functionality of your sump pump, here are the top five signs that your sump pump will need to be replaced.

Excessive Noise

Generally speaking, your sump pump makes little to no noise. However, overtime your motor noise can become excessive due to wear and tear. Grinding noises may indicate the sump pump?s pan is damaged and needs to be replaced.

Frequent Usage

While limited use of your sump pump will reduce its longevity, your sump pump running all of the time poses a bigger issue. This is due to a switch problem, which is operated by the float of your pump. Having a faulty on/off switch will result in the sump pump turning off or staying on until corrected, raising your bills.

Sporadic Cycling

You should definitely replace your sump pump if it is cycling on and off constantly. Many homeowners notice this issue during a heavy rainstorm. There are many reasons why the pump is malfunctioning such as an incorrect float switch, shortage in the electrical system, or writing malfunctions.

Bacteria Exposure

If you notice a brown substance surrounding your sump pump, you more than likely have been infested with Iron Bacteria. This type of bacteria feeds off iron in the water that may clog your plumbing system, specifically your sump pump.? be from corroded battery terminals, but sometimes the discoloration is due to bacteria. While this bacteria is not a health hazard, it still poses as a problem for your drainage system.

Age of Your Sump Pump

Despite how often you clean or receive maintenance for your sump pump, if it is older than seven years, it is time to replace it.

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