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From showers, baths, dishes, laundry and cooking, most households take for granted how important hot water in to their everyday life. ?There was a study that the average person will utilize water of varying warmth at least 20 times per day. ?Now add in other members of the household and you can see that the demands of your water heater is put into perspective.

Like all great things in this world and more importantly your household, eventually things need to be replaced. ?Your water heater can’t beat father time either. ?Whether it is due to usage strain or age, most water heaters only last 10 years. ?Sometimes yearly maintenance can prolong the life but 10 is about the maximum. So what are the signs it is time to replace your water heater?

  1. ?Too old – Like we had just talked about, water heaters have about a 10 year life span and then should be replaced. ?Check the manufacture date and once you hit 10 years, I would call a plumber to get it replaced as you do not want to deal with major issues that can arise.
  2. Rust – ?Steel is great as it is the strongest material on the fact of the Earth, but if it starts to rust, we have a problem. ?Rust will slowly eat through steel and slowly spread. ?This is also a great way on checking the health of your water heater. ?If you see rusty water, rusty valve/inlet, rusty pipes, it is time to call a plumber to come check it out.
  3. Noise – This is definitely one of the easier signs of a problem as you can hear it throughout the house most likely. ?What causes the noises? ?Sediment buildup. ?As the water heater ages and it heats and then reheats water, sediment starts to form on the bottom of the tank and over time it hardens and gets bigger and bigger. ?Once this happens, you may lose efficiency and accelerate damage. ?During yearly maintenance, they should flush the heater.
  4. Leaks – Most people hear noise or not getting enough hot water and go look at their water heater, and then see water on the ground. ?Then they notice rust and ask themselves how old is this? ?Once you see this, you are at risk for flooding as there may be severe problems with the tank. ?Call a plumber immediately.
  5. Water not heating – When you have not heard any noises and notice your water is not hot enough, you may not need a full replacement. ?The heating element, thermostat could have issues that need replacement or the tank may not be big enough for the demands of the household anymore. ?You may also check your thermostat and increase the heat. ?Your plumber will advise on this.

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